We’ve funded 41 bold, impactful projects that have helped people vote and protected the freedom to vote.

Project Funding and Support

We began in 2020, funding 19 projects in the lead-up to and aftermath of the election, including: Cirque d’Vote, which organized dozens of line-warming circus performances at early voting locations and on Election Day; Float the Vote, which mobilized Detroit food and ice cream trucks to educate people about registration, early voting, and polling locations; Project Your Vote, which projected key voting information and narrative imagery in dozens of cities near voting sites; Fuck Talking, Go Vote, which mobilized diverse cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes across the country in 11 rides to ballot boxes before election day; and Delivering Democracy, which put troupes of dancing mailboxes on the ground throughout Pennsylvania to make people excited about voting by mail and dropbox. Read more about the projects we funded in 2020 here and here.

Watch a video about our 2020 projects here.

In 2021, we funded 6 projects, including: Song Power For The People, which penned an original pro-voter song and sang it continuously for over 24 hours to put pressing on busting the filibuster and getting national pro-voter standards passed; How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote?, which combined theater, puppets, music, and more to engage youth in Philly and got them registered and ready to (read about its big win for Philly students here); ¿En Serio Loca? ¡VOTA!, which took over Orlando’s October pride to queer the vote and help the QTPOC community counter poll intimidation; and Chase the Erase, a day of raucous street actions featuring drum lines, cheer squads, and lots of chalk to fight for fair districts in Pennsylvania.

In 2022, we supported over a dozen more pro-voter campaigns, including: Apollo 51 Mission to Land a New Star on the Flag, which promoted DC Statehood; Teens March on the Ballot Box, which celebrated hundreds of teens at Philadelphia polling places voting for the first time; Texorcism, which invited participants to a witchy ceremony where they were able to “exorcize” parts of Texas politics they didn’t like; Project Flying Whale, which added whimsy and wonder to Fair Count’s Get Out The Vote bus tours across Georgia; and a Votaco Pledge, which traded delicious tacos for voting pledges.

An overview of the reach of our projects
Cirque d’Vote
Created by Emergency Circus
Delivering Democracy
Created by L.M. Bogad, Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble, and Farm Arts Collective
¿En Serio Loca? ¡VOTA!
Created by QLatinx
Cheer the Count
Created by Margaret McCarthy
Teens March on the Ballot Box
Created by Just Act
Created by Democrasexy
Project Flying Whale, “WHYlie”
Created by Fair Count
Votaco Pledge
Created by Poder Latinx