Episode 9: Zumba!

We took a Zumba class with Laci Chisolm of Fit 4 Dance and learn about real leadership.

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Show Notes:

“Hard work can be fun!”

This episode builds on our Mani-Pedi episode about self care and our TGI Friday’s episode with its having fun with friends theme.

Is our activism on a treadmill? How do we make it surprising? How do we change leadership and perspective in the room?

Creating a form and allowing for deviation.

Enter at your level, and everyone develops some proficiency

Don’t intellectualize it, let people learn by experience

“It’s better to see and participate, rather than be told.” – Pat Jerido

We bypass fear and don’t address those feelings and jump straight to the rational arguments of justice and fairness.

Allowing spaces where people can feel afraid.

“If you’re in a place of fear, that means nothing bad is happening. You have a luxury to be fearful.” – Pat Jerido

Where are the people who become the model actors in overcoming fear?

Modeling vs teaching

The mistakes of Campus Activism

Everyone wants to be the guy in the Greenpeace zodiac boat.

zodiac boat note Activism: It’s not all righteous and glamorous.

Fighting Dean Wirmer vs solving real problems


Find and recognize your allies

3 Picks

Duncombe: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Pat: Star Wars Trailer

Lambert: Stop watching movies on your laptop: get a TV.

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Music: The Reigning Sound, “Stick Up for Me” courtesy of the Free Music Archive

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