You probably know us for the workshops we run around the world, like our work this year with sex worker rights advocates in Cape Town, South Africa and trans-gender rights activists in Berlin, Germany. But we also do

  • “The Pop Culture Salvage Expeditions”
  • – our online open-access wiki of creative activism
  • Our new creative action strategy card game you’ve never heard of because we’re still working on it
  • Our æfficacy research project into what kinds of creative activism works and why…

All these things take time and a bit (but not a lot!) of money to do them right. These are the projects we’re striving to get done and share with you, so you can use them in your work.

This is where your contribution does the most. Yes, this is the time of year non-profit orgs come to you on bended knee, hat in hand. Each of our projects can be made possible or significantly improved through your donations, big and small. We’re lean and mean and your contribution goes a long way!

There’s really no reason not to! Unless social justice or community empowerment or lasers just aren’t your thing…wait, did we forget to mention the lasers? Dang, there’s not enough room left to go into it now, but if you want to see some cool creative activism (with lasers) in 2016, then donate NOW!

You can donate in any amount. Some people give $2, some give thousands. Do what you can.

“Do I get a tote bag?”

We don’t have tote bags. However, for donations of $20 and up we’ll send you one of our “C4AA Laptop Replacement” notepads! Previously only available in our workshops! We’re pretty proud of these. Get one!

“Do I get a tax deduction?”

Yes we have those! We’re a 501.3c non-profit. It’s completely legit. Write it off!

“Do I get to feel good?”

Absolutely. And we’ll be able to crank out more great work that you can use in your projects and campaigns. Go ahead!

Mail? Checks?

We can also accept checks. Simply mail them to:

Center for Artistic Activism
P.O. Box 543
Beacon, NY

If you prefer to donate another way, just let us know.