Here are 5 things you can do if you want to make change in the world:

1. Steal from the Past

Borrow from successful creative movements (video). Make time to be inspired by others (check out Actipedia).

2. Know How to Manipulate Change Minds

Use cognitive and behavioral science to understand how to make change starting with people’s brains (videos).

3. Put Culture in Your Quiver

Mine pop culture (video) and learn from how Hollywood works (upcoming March 10 webinar) to exploit the current cultural terrain.

Check out our popular series of podcasts with our seriously fun fieldwork into everything from pro wrestling to the Rock and Roll Megachurch to examine and reveal lessons from pop culture for artistic activists (podcasts).

4. Be Savvy about Your Process & People

Learn how to make your creative process work, and how to best collaborate with others by making your action meetings effective and inventive (videos).

5. Choose a Powerful Message 

This last one is clearly so important! And yet often this is where activists get off track. Do we inform people about what they should do, show them how bad things could get, or present a beautiful alternative? This is where you can think about whether artistic activists should use our work to hold a mirror up to reality to make the invisible visible, or should we use our talents to imagine new possibilities of what reality could be? We have some thoughts on what you can learn from art history and cultural theory in order to make change through art.

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