We’re talking with the fantastic Kenneth Bailey, lead at The Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) on June 1. DS4SI grew out of conversations Kenneth had when a student at MIT.  He realized that the community-based organizations he worked with needed a design studio to help make their organizing more creative and inventive.

The design interventions the studio creates include mobile bike intervention labs, big urban games, “productive fictions”, entirely new communication systems to curb violence, and lots of creative ways for citizens to imagine and invent new ways of participating in civil society.

Social Emergency!
Creative Interventions in Times of Trouble

We talked with Kenneth fresh off a big street action he and DS4SI organized: Starbucks and the Social Emergency, on May 29th. The 29th is the day that Starbucks closed its doors for racial sensitivity training after an employee called police to remove two African American men that were waiting for a meeting in Philadelphia.  This street action saw pop-up Social Emergency stands in front of Starbucks stores around the country, designed to point to the fact that this is not a Starbucks-specific issue but is in fact a social emergency.

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