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Pat and the Steve’s have been doing C4AA work around the world, so we haven’t seen new Pop Culture Salvage Expeditions episodes in some months. However, we have good news. C4AA Research Fellow Sarah J. Halford has delivered Creative Resistance – a podcast mini-series on the basics of artistic activism, as told by the practicioner’s themselves.

In each episode, Sarah explores a fundamental theme of artistic activism through interviews with art activists who discuss examples of their work and some invaluable lessons that they’ve learned along the way. The entire mini-series is guided by the expert theoretical and practical knowledge of C4AA co-founder, Stephen Duncombe.

Episode list:

  1. What is Artistic Activism?
  2. Audience
  3. Tactics and Strategies
  4. Context
  5. Success and Failure

Art activists in this episode:.

Diana Arce

Diana Arce Full Interview Transcript

Avram Finkelstein

Avram Finkelstein Full Interview Transcript

For more information on the Center for Artistic Activism, visit: c4aa.org

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