Creative Resistance is a special edition podcast mini-series in affiliation with the Center for Artistic Activism and is hosted by Research Fellow, Sarah J Halford.

Tactics & Strategies

In this episode, we hear from art activists Ron Goldberg, Joey Juschka, Diana Arce, André Leipold (Center for Political Beauty).

From Ron:

“You have to get into a room. Get in a room with people who maybe don’t think the same way as you, but who see the same problems. It’s about building that trust, that love, that knowledge-base.”

ACT UP protest of the FDA in 1988 via

ACT UP protest of the FDA in 1988 Photo credit: ( Major takeaways from episode 3:

A tactic is a thing that you do in order to reach an objective. In artistic activism, often times those tactics will be art-related.

A strategy is the overall plan for your work, which takes on different areas – often artistic activism takes on a cultural strategy, but there can be a legal strategy, political strategy, and so on. Strategies are also linked to goals, the big things that we want the work to accomplish. We create a strategy in order to direct the tactics and collect successful objectives along the way.

There is no one right way of approaching tactics and strategies in art for social change efforts. Ron Goldberg recognized that his tactics needed to be ready at a moment’s notice with the ability to be improvised, Joey Jushka wants her writing to be funny and imaginative, while Andre Leipold and Political Beauty want to throw you off your axis and provoke you into action.

Music By (in order of appearance):

  • Theme: “Drum Flute Loop in G Minor” by Enoe
  • “Please Listen Carefully” by Jahzzar
  • “Golden Hour” by Podington Bear
  • “Hip Horns with Drums” by Ryan Cullinane

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Special thanks to Professor Stephen Duncombe.

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