New York City is now the first in the United States to authorize safe injection sites! Learn about the Center for Artistic Activism efforts on this issue…

This is a big win for anyone who cares about protecting and helping the most vulnerable populations.

Why are safe injection sites critical?

Evidence shows that safe consumption sites save lives.  Safe Consumption Sites provide people struggling with addiction sterile equipment, a safe place to inject, supervision, and medical attention if they overdose. Sites like these have been in use in Europe and Canada for years because they’ve proven to reduce the harm of addiction and prevented countless overdose deaths. The sites keep our friends and family members who use drugs alive long enough to find care, treatment, and solutions. 

Why is this so urgently needed?

2020 was the deadliest year ever recorded for overdoses in New York City and nationally. “The Drug War” and “Just Say No” efforts have failed. Evidence shows that safe injection sites save lives. This new policy in New York blazes a trail for similar efforts in Philadelphia, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Headline in today’s New York Times
508 image
Center for Artistic Activism designed memorial for 508 overdose deaths due to inaction.
I Heart Smart Policy - print produced for the campaign

The Center for Artistic Activism: Changing the Culture

The Center for Artistic Activism began working on this issue over four years ago in Seattle, and in New York collaborating with the leadership of the New York’s Washington Heights Corner Project (where one of the injection sites will operate). We planned and schemed with leaders in both regions to help them increase public engagement and communicate effectively using creativity to better reach audiences and change the culture from “Just Say No” to “Yes to Safe Consumption Sites.”

We’re so proud to have contributed to this effort that will save so many lives.

Support from people like you allows us to take on these difficult, long term but incredibly important issues – and win.

New strategies for public engagement about Safe Consumption Sites in Seattle. These were later covered in Seattle Weekly.

Featured photo by Center for Artistic Activism collaborator, Colin Askey of Castlemount Media.