It’s 2021. What does innovative activism look like?

An anchorman sits behind a desk in a newsroom. A red and white earth globe projects behind him. He fixes his suit. And then he speaks. “Make yourself comfortable,” he says. What follows is not a robotic news script – what viewers might expect from the standard newsroom set up – instead, the anchor begins to rap, and then his co-host echoes him by rapping in Wolof, a primary language in Senegal.

This is just one of the ways artistic activists around the world are engaging with citizens of their communities – through creative and out-of-the-box methods that ignite a joyous response, if albeit at times with a grave and serious message. In this case, Senegalese musicians Keyti and Xuman hope to inspire civic engagement and connect a younger population with what’s happening in their country, and with millions of views on the satirical news program, Journal Rappé, it’s working. 

Join us on December 14th at 12pm (EST) for the first edition of Revolutionizing Activism.

Revolutionizing Activism is the Center for Artistic Activism’s new online conversation series between advocates, activists, grantmakers, journalists, and artists.

With this series, we will be digging into how we connect and inspire our communities. How can art activate and encourage citizens about their access to political power? How are campaigns and social movements using online spaces to collaborate and increase their creativity and effectiveness? 

Jeanie Abrams McLean, Cheikh Séne (Keyti) and Leónidas Martín.

Our first discussion will be moderated by Jeanine Abrams Mclean, and feature activist-artists Cheikh Séne (Keyti) and Leónidas Martín. We’ll be digging into how we can use creativity to cultivate civic engagement and overcome apathy.

If you’re working on activism or advocacy at any scale and looking for inspiration, this series is for you.

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