The Center for Artistic Activism is excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a $1.9 million, multi-year grant from philanthropist Andrea Soros Colombel to support our expansive Unstoppable Voters program, bolstering our efforts to make voting accessible, safe, joyful, powerful and irresistible. To date, we’ve helped over 40 organizations and over 300 individuals in the U.S. use the powers of art and culture to energize a range of vital voting issues, from fair districting to DC Statehood to voter registration and mobilization and more.

Unstoppable Voters at the Center for Artistic Activism

Through Unstoppable Voters, we support creatively risk-taking, strategic, and ambitious organizations, people, and projects that protect voters and the freedom to vote across the U.S. This funding allows us to greatly expand our reach during this crucial midterm election year and in the years to come, as we ramp up our efforts to provide training and multifaceted support to groups and individuals who are passionate about protecting the freedom to vote and bringing the needed innovation to that fight. 

“As the leader in artistic activism, Center for Artistic Activism is uniquely poised to combat the threat of voter suppression in creatively engaging and effective ways. The Unstoppable Voters initiative represents our shared commitment to protecting voter rights and preserving our democracy,” said Andrea Soros Colombel. Co-Director and Founder Steve Lambert remarked “This support is a powerful testament to the Center for Artistic Activism’s overarching mission to empower individuals and organizations to use their creativity and culture as a force for change.”

About Andrea Soros Colombel

Andrea Soros Colombel works to build equitable, sustainable, and compassionate societies. She serves on the Global and United States Boards of the Open Society Foundations. Colombel is also a board member and former board chair of Acumen, a nonprofit that invests in leaders and businesses that tackle poverty through entrepreneurship and moral imagination. She supports a range of activities to address climate change and reshape capitalism and democracy to function better for all.

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