Aaron Hughes

“We’re bringing about these extreme situations, we’re bringing about that choice where people have to respond just like in Iraq. We’re making people respond to us. The whole idea was to share that, because there was no way in our minds that people in the United States could think that an occupation was moving into […]

Webinar #23: Easter Special

The unorthodox stories of the secret artistic activism history of prophets. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were amazing activists and creative militants. They understood the fundamentals of using story and spectacle, signs and symbols as means to criticize the status quo and offer up an alternative vision.  Artists and activists have a lot to learn from […]

Sheba Remy Kharbanda

“When I was doing grassroots work… around specific issues associated with trauma state violence sexual violence. I found that I wasn’t offering enough just documenting it. Witnessing is very important but then what do we do with all that pain, where do we take it? …many of us not from the “first world”, are coming […]

Dara Greenwald

“You could go down to any commercial gallery and see political art. It has political content, it has a critique, opposition, maybe a submerged expression that was not readily validated by dominant culture. But activism is…is just different. I feel like there’s a real difference between making cultural projects that are intended to augment, heighten, […]

Adelaide Damoah

“I noticed whenever something happens whether it’s some kind of disaster, some people get killed or one person gets killed, well that’s just what happens the world just keeps on turning, life goes on, and it’s disgusting but that’s just what happens. So that kind of stuff I sometimes put into the work because that […]

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar is an artist, architect, and filmmaker who lives and works in New York City. He was born in Santiago de Chile. Jaar has realized more than sixty public interventions around the world and more than fifty monographic publications have been published about his work. He became a Guggenheim Fellow in 1985 and a […]

Webinar #22: hilariOUCH

Steve and Steve get to hang out with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, co-founder and co-director of Fulana, a Latina satire collective whose videos have been shown internationally at film festivals, museums, and universities, and whose members lead satire and parody workshops for emerging artists. Marlene talks about how satire can successfully be used to change the world through critical […]

Webinar #20: The First Female President Of The USA

Margaret McCarthy has served as the First Female President of the United States for over a year, since January 2017, creating through performance an imaginative counter world in which the US is run by a female president. We’re honored to host Margaret on this webinar, where, being a fearless leader, she will talk about failure. What happens […]


 Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy, by CAA co-director Stephen Duncombe is now a free PDF. Part analysis of popular culture, part how-to guide to creative activism, Stephen make a case for how activists can, and must use fantasy and spectacle in their work…and do it ethically. FREE PDF. Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics […]


Overview The first rule of guerrilla warfare is to know the terrain and use it to your advantage. No longer does this require navigating the mountains of Cuba with a rifle on one’s back, as today’s political topography is one of symbols and signs, images and expressions. From small community organizations to international NGOs, the School […]

The Artistic Activism Grants 2017!

Last year, we were able to give out grants to some of the thousand-ish C4AA workshop alumni. These artistic activists in Croatia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Hungary created seven artistic actions to increase public engagement with the seriously problematic issues of the lack marginalized communities’ access to public health care. Throughout 2017, […]

Webinar #19: How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change

How Change Happens: Artistic Activism’s Theory of Change Behind all successful transformative action is a Theory of Change. Artistic Activism is no different. An idea of how change happens helps us choose how we use our time, effort and creativity and how to leverage these things for maximum impact. Join us in this webinar as […]

11: Brunch

We’re back! Stephen Duncombe arranges a Sunday Brunch at Jane Restaurant in NYC. Steve Lambert brings a long his mom as the expert, a former Domincan nun with a masters degree in Theology. Booze and gossip in the daylight For many people Brunch is a socially acceptable excuse to get drunk before noon and talk […]

Lessons From Utopia

Adapted from the C4AA’s upcoming book How To Win: The Art of Activism, this is an article by Co-Directors Duncombe and Lambert about how Artistic Activists can use the idea and ideal of Utopia. Lessons From Utopia Part 1 Lessons From Utopia Part 2 Lessons From Utopia Part 3

The 5 Moral Foundations

We use these axes of the “5 moral foundations” in our workshops to talk about the ways that activists can meet the people they are trying to reach where they are.  As artistic activists, the goal is not only to understand, sympathize and be respectful about strongly held beliefs of our “adversaries,” but to create […]

Creative Mapping Exercise

Creative Mapping Excerpted from the upcoming book How To Win: The Art of Activism by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert To get where we want to go we need a map. And because artistic activism combines both arts and activism that map is a multifaceted one, with different paths leading to our eventual outcome. This […]

Exam – Planning A Campaign

The Exam Excerpted from the upcoming book How To Win: The Art of Activism by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul”. ― Edward Abbey Time: a Morning, Afternoon or Evening STEP 1: Pepare You’ll want to do a few things to get ready for this exercise. For […]

Ideas To Action Exercise

Ideas to Action People move through multiple stages when changing their behavior. We’ll practice developing tactics to address one step. STEP 1: Roll the Dice 4 minutes Say hello and get to know each other. Roll your dice Exposure (roll again) Attention Interest Comprehension Skill Acquisition Agreement (roll again) Recall Information Search & Retrieval Decision […]