We’re back! Stephen Duncombe arranges a Sunday Brunch at Jane Restaurant in NYC. Steve Lambert brings a long his mom as the expert, a former Domincan nun with a masters degree in Theology.

Booze and gossip in the daylight

For many people Brunch is a socially acceptable excuse to get drunk before noon and talk trash with your friends. Lambert is skeptical, but all are reminded there’s versions of this in many cultures (Sunday Menudo, Dim Sum, etc) and that most of these people are replacing church. So… what can we use here?

Secular Liturgy

Rita Lambert talks about the idea of a secular liturgy. How do we create traditions and rituals to support our campaigns that incorporate social bonding?



liturgy (countable and uncountable, plural liturgies)

  1. A predetermined or prescribed set of rituals that are performed, usually by a religion.
  2. An official worship service of the Christian church.

via wiktionary

Pop Culture Recommendations

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