The founders of the Center for Artistic Activism discuss some basic principles of using creativity in organizing and pitfalls to avoid. This webinar is designed to provide some structure to your thinking and planning around how to creatively, and effectively, respond in the weeks to come.

The webinar is done and we have a video you can watch.

Here’s the follow up email we sent:

Hi everyone,

That was a great first start and we hope it was helpful for you. It was also far more popular than we expected and we hit the cap our webinar plan. But don’t worry if you couldn’t log on, a video is included in this email and the donations we received may help offset the cost of upping the plan for next time.

Here’s some things we talked about that you can follow up on…

  1. The C4AA mailing list
  2. The C4AA podcast series on mining pop culture
  3. The C4AA Reading List
  • including a free PDF of Stephen Duncombe’s book on ethical spectacle, Dream
  • a free ebook version of Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark
  • A transcript of William James’ speech, “The Moral Equivalent of War”
  • and all the other source material we explore, steal from, and re-combine!

Last, there’s a lot we want to do and your donations help. If you found this valuable, and it were over coffee, would you buy the coffee? If it was over dinner, would you buy the dinner? If you said yes, we’d rather you give to the 501(c)(3) non-profit org so we can help pay for this. (But if you’re ever alongside us in person, we’ll take a coffee.)

Hugs & drugs,

Steve, Stephen, and Jo Hill
The Center for Artistic Activism

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