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You can contribute to Actipedia! Here’s two wildly different but incredibly effective creative actions to get your wheels turning.

The Condom On Jesse Helms’ House

Remember that scene from Pose where Blanca and the squad inflate the giant condom over the racist, transphobic real estate lady’s house? Their ingenious enterprise was inspired by a REAL-LIFE maneuver of Artistic Activism from 1991 that prevented Senator Helms from proposing and passing life-threatening AIDS policy ever again. Read about the impact of the 1991 Condom on Jesse Helm’s House here before you shed a tear for the final season of Pose.

Pothole Party

After two years of trying to get the local government to fix a cumbersome pothole without success, the Contemporary Art Center in North Macedonia decided to throw it a birthday party. They bought a cake and decorations and invited the media to “a celebration of the birthday of the hole in the road.” The local media put pressure on the municipality and within three days they began repairs on the road. Read about the Pothole Party and its subsequent brilliant action – the Pothole Pond – here.

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