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A global pandemic requires a global solution. Yet we’re allowing pharmaceutical corporations to profit off the pandemic and public research. Their monopolies prevent generic producers, and limit production and access to these life saving medications for our neighbors in other parts of the world. These policies prolong the pandemic and allow virus variants to spread.

We know governments can do much more to end the global pandemic, including sharing vaccine recipes and helping the world make billions more doses.   

Join us May 5th in Washington, DC for a Rally for a People’s Vaccine

We’ll call on the Biden administration to ensure urgent access to safe and effective COVID-19 treatments and vaccines for everyone, everywhere.  

Rally for a People’s Vaccine (October 2020), Washington DC

What can you expect?

Well, if you want everyone to have access to delicious pie, you wouldn’t ship pies around the world, you’d share the recipe! That’s what we are asking the Biden administration, pharmaceutical corporations and the WTO – put our tax-payer funded research to use! Share the vaccine recipe, technology, and know-how with the world so we can scale up manufacturing, increase access and curb the pandemic!

So expect some pie and ice cream at this event! There will also be music from Long Live Go-Go, and dancing to our Jonas Salk Remix!

RSVP and see you there!