Oh my goodness, we are working on a lot of things right now!

Making this list, we were a little shocked at all that’s happening ourselves. Overall, what it amounts to is that we’re trying to make the world better by empowering people to use their own creativities and cultures for justice. That’s what we’re so grateful to be working on every day. We’re really happy to share more of how we do that.

So, here are some questions that have been propelling us recently, and how we’ve been answering them:

How do we better share all that we’ve been learning in the past 12 years?

The Art of Activism Book

The Art of Activism Book

The book from our founders, Steve and Steve, which collects the best of our 12 years of research and training into an illustrated guide for implementing these practices yourself. Pre-order here.

We’re planning bookclubs and talks and other goodies, too. Sign up here to stay informed!

Revolutionizing Activism: Online Sessions

Cirque d’Vote line warming in Arizona
Free the Vaccine carnival march in London

You’re invited to our new monthly online series outlining 6 crucial lessons from the creative edge of activism, for anyone wanting to make a bigger impact (while having more fun). We gather the most creative, surprising, passionate activists to share what they’re learning on the ground. Starting in November featuring lessons from amazing activists and artists from 8 countries. More information coming soonsign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.

How can we help protect democracy in the U.S. and other places where just representation is at risk?

Unstoppable Voters

We’re protecting voters through innovative advocacy. Currently, we’re combating harmful redistricting, voter suppression and lack of representation in the U.S. through training, mentoring and partnerships with dozens of organizations and artists across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, D.C., New York, and Wisconsin. Featuring unstoppable songs, drag queen heroes and caped crusaders. We’re gearing up for an amazing election year in 2022. Stay tuned.

Regional Creative Hubs

A performance countering sextortion in North Macedonia

Our 3-year project in the Balkans and West Africa, where we’re helping artists, activists and investigative journalists train teams to use creativity and local culture to combat corruption, is culminating in incredible projects, a short documentary and book in late 2021. Learn about the creative anti-corruption projects here.

What can we do to help end this pandemic?

Free the Vaccine

Care Bears hold a banner aloft reading "Sharing is Caring"
Showing Washington, D.C., that sharing is caring
Commemorating the 1-year anniversary of the declaration of the pandemic, in London

Our campaign to bring COVID vaccine equity and access to the entire world has seen incredible wins, including partnerships with international organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam. For our next phase, we’re going for surgical precision – an advanced corps of creative activists will be applying maximum pressure to force the hand of those in the way of global vaccine equity. We’re especially focused on training young women of color as emerging health access leaders. Support these emerging leaders here.

Free the Vaccine for COVID-19 Logo

In what ways can we help advocacy and arts organizations do their work better?

Greenpeace Climate Creativity

We’re working with Greenpeace International to train staff and develop new processes for innovative actions to combat climate change. We’re currently implementing a 16-part training course for their Southeast Asia Actions Team to help them create actions to engage new audiences. Get a behind the scenes look at our training sessions soon.

Guerilla Science Handbook

We’re helping Guerilla Science with a handbook that helps people do the kind of incredible creative, immersive experiences that teach science – that they’re so well known for. Our work and their work on teaching people the mechanics of using creativity and culture to fully engage people in pressing and complex issues are so intertwined, and we’re really pleased to collaborate with them. Check out their hilarious and surprising work.

National Center for Restorative Justice

The National Center does an annual call for art about restorative justice. This year, they wanted to do something a little different, and give artists a chance to explore what they hope the art to change. Our workshops will take place before the Nov 12th art submission deadline – feel free to join us!

Eyebeam Democracy Machine Fellows

We’re helping support artists who want to affect power, and are working on a range of issues involving power, art and access, like alternative economies in Costa Rica, indigenous reparations in North Carolina, and radical accessibility in arts and technology. More info about the Eyebeam fellows coming soon.

Indivisible NY

We’re doing a series of workshops with Indivisible chapters in NY, to help them conceive of and plan around their strategic campaigns in the coming year, especially on important issues surrounding arts funding. We’re happy to help them figure out how to make state budgeting processes fun and relatable. Learn more about online trainings we offer to organizations and groups.


We’re helping Recess, the fantastic socially engaged art organization that helps build more just and equitable creative communities. We’re facilitating their artist-led assessment processLearn more about our assessment and research.