When people start voting young, they’re more likely to stay engaged throughout their lives.

So we had a huge voting win last week when the Philadelphia School Board passed a landmark resolution to promote civic engagement to its thousands of students and help them register to vote.

The Student Voter Education and Registration Resolution passed as part of a multi-year push, and our Unstoppable Voters project How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote! played a key part.

The Center for Artistic Activism’s Unstoppable Voters program moved this resolution forward.

Last summer and fall, PA Youth Vote, Just Act, and Philly Neighborhood Networks led this highly theatrical voter engagement campaign that featured interactive performances, fantastical puppets, music, dancing, and more. At the Center for Artistic Activism, we were glad to develop this project through support and mentorship. They debuted the campaign on the steps of the school district building, helping to energize the push to pass the resolution.

The performance last August really had a big impact. The board members that came out to watch that day got busy. Before that, it had been completely stalled for about a year and a half.

– PA Youth Vote’s Thomas Quinn

It’s not often one sees a direct cause and effect like this, but it’s far more likely to happen when we aim for real, concrete changes.

Learn more about How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote! – and using the powers of art to win big on voting–in our new video:

How’s Your Voice Gonna Matter If You Don’t Vote!

And join us in congratulating the organizations who have been fighting for this for years–and the students of Philadelphia who get to reap the rewards!

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