We offer training for artists, activists, and organizations on theory, methods and skills for maximizing their impact. In 2021 alone we’ve trained hundreds of activists, artists, and investigative journalists in the Western Balkans and West Africa, and democracy advocates across the United States, and public health advocates around the world.


We provide advising for groups and organizations on strategic, creative methods for activism, grant making, and assessment. 2021 advising partners include; Greenpeace, A Blade of Grass, Art Against Ageism, Recess Art, and Open Society Foundations.


We conduct and share research on the practice and impact of artistic activism.


We give away podcasts, videos, webinars, guides and other online training resources you can access now..

Our book The Art of Activism: Your All Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible published by O/R Press.

Publication: Why Artistic Activism?

Revolutionizing Activism – our online discussion series covering innovative ideas in artistic activism from around the globe

What we do

Art + Activism = Impact

Ishtar Lakhani talking to a group
Ishtar Lakhani organizing for sex worker rights at the 2016 AIDS Conference in South Africa

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation helps support artistic activism worldwide.




    We can’t think of a better way to start 2023 than to envision winning BIG. One of the key exercises in our workshops is something we call “Imagine Winning.” We ask participants to imagine what would happen if they had limitless funding, countless volunteers, popular and political support, and everything that went their way. We …

  • Celebrating Nora Breen

    Celebrating Nora Breen

    We are celebrating the beautiful life of Nora Breen, who passed away in December. We had the immense pleasure of working with Nora Breen throughout 2021, first through our online Unstoppable Voters workshop, and then as a project lead on the incredible creative campaign Chase the Erase. It’s not always that a participant in an …

  • Unstoppable Voters: Pittsburgh DSA

    Unstoppable Voters: Pittsburgh DSA

    Pittsburgh DSA created an Unstoppable Voters Project – a series of Center for Artistic Activism supported works that protect the freedom to vote with creativity and innovation. Pittsburgh DSA Pittsburgh DSA volunteers mobilized two months of deep canvassing, to hear neighbors’ stories of housing insecurity and help them register to vote and make voting plans. …