We offer training for artists, activists, and organizations on theory, methods and skills for maximizing their impact. In 2021 alone we’ve trained hundreds of activists, artists, and investigative journalists in the Western Balkans and West Africa, and democracy advocates across the United States, and public health advocates around the world.


We provide advising for groups and organizations on strategic, creative methods for activism, grant making, and assessment. 2021 advising partners include; Greenpeace, A Blade of Grass, Art Against Ageism, Recess Art, and Open Society Foundations.


We conduct and share research on the practice and impact of artistic activism.


We give away podcasts, videos, webinars, guides and other online training resources you can access now..

Our book The Art of Activism: Your All Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible published by O/R Press.

Publication: Why Artistic Activism?

Revolutionizing Activism – our online discussion series covering innovative ideas in artistic activism from around the globe

What we do

Art + Activism = Impact

Ishtar Lakhani talking to a group
Ishtar Lakhani organizing for sex worker rights at the 2016 AIDS Conference in South Africa

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation helps support artistic activism worldwide.


  • Special Event! Arts + Civic Power

    Special Event! Arts + Civic Power

    How Artists and Advocacy Groups Can Work Together to Supercharge Civic Engagement in 2024 Join us on March 18 from 12-1 pm ET We all know how important this year is for engaging voters. But with so many potential voters feeling apathetic and burned out on politics, how can we overcome all the harsh vibes?…

  • War is the ultimate failure of imagination

    War is the ultimate failure of imagination

    War is the ultimate failure of imagination. We must imagine better solutions and work toward them. Fortunately there’s already a homegrown left vision in Israel-Palestine, that’s supported by a large and increasing number of Arabs and Jews. It’s utopian but also deeply pragmatic. Join us and imagine a way forward for Palestine-Israel Tuesday | February…

  • Announcing: Unstoppable Voters 2024 Fellows!

    Announcing: Unstoppable Voters 2024 Fellows!

    We are thrilled to be supporting a record 15 artistic activists in 2024 A supersized election year calls for a supersized Fellowship program, and we are thrilled to share the 15 leaders who make up our two Unstoppable Voters Fellowships for 2024. Hailing from Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, New York, and DC, these six Fellows…

  • Call for Applications: Development Consultant

    Call for Applications: Development Consultant

    Development Consultant The Center for Artistic Activism is looking for a Development Consultant contractor. The work will be remote and part-time (average of 20 hours per month, with potentially more time leading up to annual appeals). The hourly rate for this contract will be between $45.00 – $53.00, depending on experience level. About Us: The…

  • Listen to us on Team Human!

    Listen to us on Team Human!

    We loved talking with the brilliant Douglas Rushkoff, one of the smartest and most curious thinkers about social change, technology, revolution, and culture. In this episode, Rushkoff — who is an Advisory Board Member of the Center — asks the best questions about how and why artistic activism works. We highly recommend his Team Human…

  • Call for Applications: Program Assistant

    Call for Applications: Program Assistant

    Program Assistant C4AA is seeking a Program Assistant to help the organization support artistic activism the world over. This is a temporary staff position until December 31, 2024, open to anyone authorized to work in the U.S. at 30-40 hours per week, working remotely (preferably in the NY, FL, and MD areas) on a flexible…