We want to share some of the amazing things that happened in the past year and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come.

In 2021, we witnessed once again how creativity transforms advocacy work — making it more effective, more joyful, and also more sustainable for all involved. 2022 is sure to be filled with even more activism made powerful through art, culture, and creative strategy.

Artistic Activism Highlights from 2021

Locas at the ballot box

Supporting unconventional, effective voting justice actions across the U.S.

Stephen Duncombe writing research

Publishing the first ever creative activism research experiment

Being a creative force in the global vaccine equity movement

Cross-pollinating creative anti-corruption trainings across West Africa and the Western Balkans

 Revolutionizing Activism Panel

Bringing new joy and power to civic engagement

Care Bears hold a banner aloft reading "Sharing is Caring"

Using popular culture and symbols to connect with new audiences

Center for Artistic Activism Online Workshop

Developing new approaches for highly-engaging online workshops

Building our team of experts to increase our capacity and meet new demand




U.S. States


Creative Actions


Hand-drawn illustrations in our new book


People we’ve reached about artistic activism

And some thoughts from people we’ve trained:

“So funny. I almost forgot it was a virtual class”

“Great mix of people, super organized, fun, fast paced, great and useful content.”

“Really great stories as examples of campaigns, multimedia resources and access online..”

“I would definitely say this
is by far the best and most
effective training I’ve ever

Why 2022 Will Be Even More Amazing

You’ll see C4AA grow and expand in whole new ways next year, and there will be many opportunities for you to benefit. First, we are offering several new resources because we are hearing that so many of you – activists, artists, advocacy organizations and everyone who cares about fighting for a just and equitable world – need more tools and ideas around what really works. 

What We are Making for you:

Other Ways We’re Helping in 2022:

We’ve taken on an important mission: to fight like hell to protect U.S. voting and democracy. With our Unstoppable Voters program, we’re partnering with a number of leading organizations to help them implement effective and creative campaigns around the 2022 midterm elections, fair districting, bolstering the foundations for DC Statehood, and more, all looking ahead to 2024. If you’re interested in protecting U.S. democracy, and/or work with an organization that wants to partner with us or needs our help, please reach out.

We’re also going to be supporting organizations like Greenpeace, Open Society Foundations, the Smithsonian and others to integrate artistic activism and creative strategies into their work so they can be more impactful. Let us know if you’re also interested in training or consulting with us

And of course, we’re continuing to do the research and field building to help the rapidly growing field of artistic activism. We’re creating curricula, conducting research projects and continuing to collect and share inspiring examples of creative activism. If you are a researcher, a teacher or professor, or otherwise want to know more about our research and development, get in touch.

A critical part of 2022 is, of course, our capacity development and fundraising. In order to support thousands of artistic activists around the world, we need more than creativity; we need generosity. We remain a small, grassroots nonprofit reliant on supporters. Please consider a donation to help realize the C4AA dream: that every advocacy organization fighting for justice and equity having the tools and resources it needs to do so with creativity and joy.

Our growing team thanks you for your support!